4 - Bug Salad

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How a marketing guy at shareware game publisher Ambrosia Software ended up eating bugs in front of hundreds of people at Macworld New York 2000.

If you have an old PowerPC Mac or the Sheepshaver emulator, you can get Escape from Jason Whong via VintageAppleMac.com. Almost all of Ambrosia's games are still available for purchase direct from the Ambrosia Software website.

You can learn more about my book The Secret History of Mac Gaming at Unbound, and if you missed the original campaign you can preorder the special edition on Kickstarter. (All Unbound backers will also receive the special edition.)

Cover image incorporates a photo by Frank Caratozzolo. You can find more of his Macworld NY 2000 photos at http://web.archive.org/web/20020519205631/http://www.utterer.com:80/content/macworld/mwny00/photos.shtml

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