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  • Benefits: A personal thank you note from me (potentially leading to an email conversation), maybe a shout-out in the show notes or on-air credits (if you'd like one), and of course that lovely feeling that you've helped me make this show better.


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    • $3/month gets you full episode transcripts, no ads, bonus audio content like extended interviews and extra soundbites, high-bitrate (320kbps on new episodes) mp3 files;
    • at $6 you also get written updates and research notes plus early access to (or previews of) upcoming projects;
    • $10 adds your name to the show notes and on-air credits, and it lets you vote on future episode topics and the like (plus all the $3+$6 tier stuff);
    • and $30 lets you also be an executive producer for one episode every year (so you decide the topic and get as much input on the episode's direction and script, etc, as you like).
    • If there's something else you'd like as a reward — either within one of the above tiers or as a new tier — just email me (mailto link is in the website footer) or message me [](on Twitter) and I'll see if I can get it added.


The Life & Times of Video Games

The Life & Times of Video Games: A documentary and narrative-style audio series about video games and the video game industry — as they were in the past, and how they came to be the way they are today.

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